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Jaws drop for new ride



Posted on: 14 Jun 2016

SeaWorld Orlando's new Shark Wreck Reef area, which opened June 10, will host the park's fastest roller-coaster along with a number of shark-themed attractions.

These include: Shark Encounter, Sharks Underwater Grill and various educational experiences featuring the much-maligned creature of the deep.

But 'Mako', as the roller-coaster is called, looks set to be the centrepiece attraction.

The ride will rise 200 feet, and will reach speeds up to 73mph on an adrenalin-fuelled descent. At 4,760 feet long Mako will be the longest roller-coaster in the park.

Shark Wreck Reef has been designed to make visitors feel like they are actually underwater with the sharks, with a unique soundtrack and lights simulating fish only adding to the experience.

Education is also pivotal and a variety of initiatives will aim to explain how sharks are critical to the environment and just how humans are negatively impacting on this.