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10 Tips for Changing Your Tickets (or Postponing Your Trip)

Posted on: 10 May 2016

Forget paying steep Wi-Fi or baggage fees. These days, beyond getting charged for an ever-expanding list of extras – from seat upgrades to priority boarding to airport lounge access – we're also paying for severe weather-related disruptions and cancelations. And when our plans suddenly change, we're often hit with unexpected out-of-pocket change fees, or worse, the entire cost of nonrefundable tickets. To add fuel to the fire, with the threat of terrorism and the Zika virus, today travelers face uncertain travel conditions that can change quickly.

Still, regardless of the reason you need to modify your trip, there are strategic, pain-free ways to pivot your plans without paying a hefty fee. We caught up with industry experts to bring you 10 simple and smart ways to avoid spending a small fortune when you need to rearrange your plans on the fly.

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