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Travel Advice - Currency, Conversion and Sales Tax

Posted on: 09 Nov 2015

The currency of the United States is the Dollar, which can be easily sought from any Bureau de Change prior to your travel from Ireland to America. There are many denominations of notes and coins; and to begin with it can be somewhat confusing as all of their notes are green in colour, with their lowest note denomination the $1 bill. Whilst the conversion rate can constantly fluctuate, in more recent years the Euro has been quite strong against the Dollar, meaning Irish tourists on holidays to America have benefitted from having more money for their Euros!

ATMs are readily accessible in the US; so if as a traveller you would prefer not to exchange your money and carry large amounts on you, there is an option to withdraw money as required. Although please note that charges may apply from your Bank and the ATM supplier. Alternatively as Visa and Mastercard is readily expect, there is always the option to charge goods to your credit/debit card, but again please note that charges may be applied from your Bank.

Another thing to be mindful of with regards with currency and conversions; is that when you are on perhaps a shopping holiday in America, that most States within the US add sales taxes to items and goods purchased. These sales tax rates differ by state; and only a limited number of states offer sales tax refunds for international visitors.