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2015 Las Vegas cabana guide



Posted on: 22 Jun 2015

Spring may barely be blooming where you live, but Las Vegas is plunging head first into pool season. While nearly every hotel has its own version of a day club, complete with DJs, bottle service and wall-to-wall people in the water, some of us simply want to lounge poolside without the party atmosphere. As a hotel guest, you have access to the decks, but renting a cabana for the day ensures that you get your own fun in the sun.

Nearly all pools offer cushy amenities with private cabanas such as personal cocktail servers, TVs, refrigerators stocked with refreshments, and most importantly, a bit of shade from the blazing sun. As this is Las Vegas, you'll still pay extra for bottle service if you're so inclined, but the price is right for peace of mind and your own personal oasis. Are you pool ready?

Browse the gallery above to compare prices and offerings for some of the most popular pool cabanas.

If you'd rather party around the pool, get a sneak peek at Hard Rock's Rehab and The Cosmopolitan's Marquee Dayclub.