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Phone Coverage and Wifi Hotspots and availability

Posted on: 11 Nov 2015

When going on any holiday wherever this maybe, one of the last but most essential things placed in our hand luggage is our mobile phone and charger! As technology has grown more advance and our mobile (cell) phones now give us instant access to the world wide web, our social media platforms, messages, it also doubles up as our camera and camcorder and subsequently  holds all our instant captured memories.

Access to phone coverage therefore for Irish visitors on holidays to America from Ireland is becoming increasing more important; so it is worth checking with your service provider prior to travelling that your phone is compatible and will work in the states. It is also worth ensuring you familiarise yourself with potential costs to send/receive calls and messages and to know how to switch off your Data Roaming service within your handset to ensure that you do not incur huge roaming fees during your travels. In short, by switching off Data Roaming means you will not be able to access certain applications unless you are connected via Wifi, and with access to Wifi Hotspots becoming more readily available throughout the States, it is becoming much easier and more convenient to access your application updates this way thus eliminating the need for you to incur unnecessary high Data Roaming charges.

Free Wifi is as mentioned becoming more readily available in the States at various public libraries, shopping malls, cafes and restaurants, with the likes of Starbucks and McDonald's leading the way in this.  Hotels will offer a open free wifi networks, but some still may require you to be a guest to log on. Similarly airports are also offering free wifi, with some having some restrictions on the length of time you can access this for.


It's also worth nothing that whilst Free Wifi might be just that, it can sometimes come with conditions, for example if it is offered in cafes.; restaurants; bars; hotels - you might just need to buy refreshments to enjoy it or be given the access password.