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What are the Best States of the USA

Posted on: 01 Sep 2015

There are 50 of them, and each one of them offers something different, but what are the best states to visit in America?

Not an easy thing to decide, and perhaps best to personal choice, all of the 50 states big or small have a something to offer tourists on any type of holidays to America. With smaller states such as New York boasting the iconic Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building and Central Park, in close proximity making it an ideal City Break, and larger States like California encompassing lots of popular cities such as LA, San Francisco and San Diego; as well as miles and miles golden coast line and historic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. Then there are states that are most renowned for one specific landmark that spans miles, such as Nevada and the Grand Canyon National park USA  or states like Florida that is known for its beautiful beaches and family friendly attractions such as Disneyworld.

So when you next travel from Ireland to America, maybe explore a state you've not yet visited and see if this and all it has to offer becomes your new personal best state of America!