7 Stunning New England Roadways Awarded National Scenic Byway Status

Seven of New England’s iconic roadways were awarded National Scenic Byway status last month. This prestigious status recognises roadways with notable scenic, historic, cultural, natural, recreational, and archaeological qualities.

The newly designated roadways are:

  • The Battle Road Scenic Byway, Massachusetts
  • Mohawk Trail Scenic Byway, Massachusetts
  • Old King’s Highway (Route 6A), Cape Cod, Massachusetts
  • Katahdin Woods and Waters Scenic Byway, Maine
  • St. John Valley Cultural Byway/Fish River Scenic Byway, Maine
  • Bold Coast Scenic Byway, Maine
  • Revolutionary Heritage Byway, Rhode Island

In total, New England now has 18 roadways that have achieved National Scenic Byway status.

Chris Jennings, Executive Director, Discover New England said: ‘The granting of National Scenic Byway status for seven more New England roadways is a great recognition and reflects the incredibly rich experiences that await visitors to our region. New England’s beautiful byways resonate with breathtaking scenery, intriguing history, a thriving culinary scene and rich culture. New England is easy to get around and our scenic byways can be readily enjoyed as part of a fly-drive vacation. With COVID-related restrictions being eased and our vaccine rollout progressing at pace, we look forward to welcoming visitors from Ireland soon.’

Established in 1991, the National Scenic Byways Program is a voluntary, community-based program administered through the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to recognize, protect, and promote America’s most outstanding roads.

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