British Airways Expands the Use of Digital Travel Health App, VeriFLY to All Inbound International Flights to UK

  • British Airways expands the trial of mobile travel health app, VeriFLY to all inbound international flights to the UK from February 15, optional for all eligible customers
  • British Airways started trials with VeriFLY originally on flights between London and the US during February
  • VeriFLY certifies test certificates and required travel documentation on a personal mobile device
  • British Airways’ parent company, IAG, is also engaged with IATA in the development of its IATA Travel Pass app

In response to tightening border controls by the UK government, British Airways has today announced it intends to increase its trial of the VeriFLY digital health app across all International flights operating into the UK.

The expansion, which will come in to effect from February 15, is designed to help those eligible to travel to navigate the changing entry requirements and facilitate a seamless journey by ensuring customers are ready to fly and have the appropriate documentation in place, before departing for the airport.

The trial is part of the airline’s ongoing work to explore digital health travel wallet and document verification solutions which help customers and support the government in ensuring conformance with the UK’s entry requirements.

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